LC” for Non-woven clothes is the fastest company to produce non-woven clothes with the highest quality and lowest price. We strive to provide a safe medical environment.



Five years from now, ” LC” will become one of the best three largest manufacturers of non-woven medical clothing in the Arab world and North Africa.
By providing non-woven medical clothing that is easy to use, environment friendly, with high quality technology and at competitive prices, to provide a better protection for the medical forces and also patients, which will create a safe medical environment and prevent the spread of infection and viruses.
Medical forces. We’ll take such a good care of you.



  • Providing a product with international specifications and quality
  • Continuous development with the latest global production methods
  • Reaching the largest number of Egyptian hospitals in the fastest time
  • Meeting the needs of the local market for the non-woven medical clothes
  • Expanding the exporting process to Arabian and African market
  • Besides the quality of the product, we provide an adequate and competitive price comparing to the global products.

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